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Question Marks

Each month we publish questions we receive about coils and air handler systems and applications.  There are many installations that have inherent problems that can cause lack of performance and/or system downtime.  The following are some of the problems that affect many of our customers. We service many fan coil unit systems in apartments and condominiums in the Denver metropolitan … Read More

Letters to the Editor

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Every month Southwest Coil Company receives many questions regarding coils and air handlers.  We like to share these concerns and possible solutions with our customers, as you may also be encountering some of the same situations and find that our explanations are beneficial.   I’m the Systems Operator for a museum  that’s air conditioned and humidity controlled by massive 150-ton indoor … Read More

How Much Do You Really Know About Coils and Air Handlers?

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There are many different types of coils, fan coil units, air handlers and tube bundles.  Test your knowledge on these application questions.  NO PEAKING AT ANSWERS! 1. What’s the #1 reason for replacing steam distributing coils? Condensate corrosion Stress corrosion Freeze event Air temperature fluctuation 2. What’s the main difference between a double deck and a multizone air handler? Single … Read More

Room Fan Coil Units: Questions – Questions – Questions

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Fan Coil units are one of the least expensive ways to heat or cool a space.  The design process usually requires many questions about the unit design and its accessories, and the questions that need to be answered are not always obvious.  Getting answers to the hidden questions can turn a mediocre design into a great design.  The following are … Read More

Coil and Air Handler Questions & Answers

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Southwest Coil receives many systematic and application questions every month.  Here are a few you might find interesting or may find to be familiar.  In the middle of summer, many of these problems can really determine an HVAC systems efficiency and reliability. We service a large community hospital. Each year our cooling in certain systems seems to be reduced, and … Read More

Answers to Your Coil System Problems

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Periodically, we receive questions from our customers on coil system products. The following are a few answers to questions from the recent past that may prove helpful. We have a system in a local hospital with old vane-axial controllable pitch fans. These fans blow through a bank of chilled water coils. The system has always had water in the duct … Read More

Have Coil Questions? We Have Solutions!


We receive many verbal and written requests regarding fundamental coil problems with existing HVAC systems and industrial process systems. We also receive many requests on the specifying of coils for increased efficiency and longevity. The following are a few situations you may have experienced with some solutions that may save you future time and money. Raul – Service Technician – … Read More