Letters to the Editor

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Every month Southwest Coil Company receives many questions regarding coils and air handlers.  We like to share these concerns and possible solutions with our customers, as you may also be encountering some of the same situations and find that our explanations are beneficial.   I’m the Systems Operator for a museum  that’s air conditioned and humidity controlled by massive 150-ton indoor … Read More

What You Might Not Know About Coils & Air Handlers

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Steam Coil

With the daily hustle and bustle of business and all the new technologies, there are many aspects of equipment, applications and systems that may get overlooked or may not be completely understood.  They are important, so let’s look at a few of them. What type of coil needs to be replaced in less operating time on average than other types? … Read More

How Much Do You Really Know About Coils and Air Handlers?

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There are many different types of coils, fan coil units, air handlers and tube bundles.  Test your knowledge on these application questions.  NO PEAKING AT ANSWERS! 1. What’s the #1 reason for replacing steam distributing coils? Condensate corrosion Stress corrosion Freeze event Air temperature fluctuation 2. What’s the main difference between a double deck and a multizone air handler? Single … Read More

Think You Know Air Handlers?

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Take Southwest Coil’s “quick quiz” and test your air handler knowledge. Match the lettered terms on the left with the numbered meanings on the right. This is fun, and you may learn some useful information about normal air handler terminology. NO PEEKING – Answers Below QUESTIONS: Tip of the day It’s important to know that Southwest Coil manufactures direct drive … Read More

The Many Benefits of Replacing Indoor Central Station Units

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For years, owners have looked at dilapidated, rusted out air handling units in their mechanical rooms and thought, “If I could only get rid of this old unit and replace it with a newer, more sophisticated design.” This is possible, provided you stop listening to the usual pitch by those who tell you to rehabilitate the old unit. After rehabilitation, … Read More