Tube Bundles


Tube Bundle: U-Tube/Straight Tube

Water to water and steam to water shell and tube heat exchangers require replacement due to leaks developed by corrosion. Many times, these leaks appear after a few years of operation. Most times the culprit is process water or condensate corrosion. Fluid corrosion leaks normally develop on the lower half diameter of the tube. They usually have a pin hole look to them.
Replacing these U-tube or straight tube bundles can be a problem. These heat exchangers are mounted inside a shell and out of sight to the service personnel. When a bundle is removed to repair is the time to measure it for a new bundle. Maybe you place the repaired one back into the shell & tube unit. Initial leaks almost always are a precursor to more leaks in the future.
We can identify these tube bundles many times by giving us the make and model number of the shell and tube product and many times the tube bundle has a bundle model number on the tube sheet. We replace B & G, Taco, Armstrong , Patterson-Kelley and many more.
If there is a corrosive situation then we certainly can look at alternative materials and heavier duty construction to achieve a better longevity
Standard 4 week lead time with expedited shipments of 5 , 10 and 15 working days provided the materials are available at time of order.