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More than 80% of heating and cooling coils in the HVAC industry don’t make it to old age and need replacing.  There are so many reasons why they fail prematurely that we can’t name them all in one newsletter.  However, we can review the most egregious ones in commercial and industrial systems. Coil Construction or Arrangement Years ago, HVAC coils … Read More

Coil Failures – Look Before You Leap!

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Dirty Coil

More than 85% of all coil failures occur prematurely. This means very few coils ever achieve the longevity that was originally intended. There’s always a rhyme and a reason for every coil failure, and most can be identified based on experience and coil application science. Let’s take a closer look at coil failures – noting which ones can be identified … Read More

Existing Fan Coil Problems in High Rise Apartments & Condos?

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There are many apartments and condos that have tremendous problems cooling a space. Many tenants/owners complain that during the peak cooling season they can’t cool large parts of their units.  There are two major reasons this happens in so many buildings, and it’s exasperated over the life cycle of operation. Undersized initial design Unit tonnage capability that’s very marginal for … Read More

Answers to Your Coil System Problems

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Periodically, we receive questions from our customers on coil system products. The following are a few answers to questions from the recent past that may prove helpful. We have a system in a local hospital with old vane-axial controllable pitch fans. These fans blow through a bank of chilled water coils. The system has always had water in the duct … Read More

Top 10 Reasons Hot Water Heating Coils Fail

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There are many reasons why hot water coils in your system can under-perform, and some are built in at the time of the design, and many can also occur after the coils have been installed. Here are my Top Ten. 10. Air stratification issues – This means the air flow across the surface of the coil is not being evenly … Read More

The “Big Three” Causes of Coil Failure

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After decades in the coil replacement business, Southwest Coil knows that most coils are replaced well before they reach old age. In fact, about 75% of them need replacement well before their time. There are 3 major reasons – 1) adverse temperature, 2) adverse pressure, and 3) corrosion. Also, the original design could have been marginal for the application, systematic … Read More