Fluid Coolers


Fluid Cooler Air Cooled Condenser

Fluid Coolers and Remote Air-Cooled Condensers

Fluid coolers are used to dissipate heat with ambient air outdoor. Whatever the maximum ambient temperature is then normally we have a model that can cool down to within five degrees F of that temperature.
Many times, fluid coolers are used as a free cooler and this means that you are producing chilled water during the winter months. When the ambient temperature falls five degrees or more below your delivered chilled water temperature then water (or water glycol) can be diverted from the chilling source and cooled by a fluid cooler. Hence the name "free cooling".
We also replace or add remote air-cooled condensers. Many of these units that now exist need to be replaced in the supermarket, dairy and other refrigeration industries. We can provide much better construction, easier to clean coils and more efficient design that is just much easier to maintain.
Sizes: 1-14 fans
Arrangements: single or double widths
Constructed of heavy G90 Steel construction, 3/8”, ½” or 5/8” coil designs, myriad of fins per inch selections, Aluminum energy efficient fan blades, 12 Ga. Motor rails, TEAO VFD compatible energy efficient motors and telescoping legs
Control include NEMA 3R panels, easy access head pressure and ambient temperature fan cycling, fused or non-fused disconnect switches, individual or paired motor fusing, 24 or 115 volts control, terminal blocks. Units are ETL and ETL Canada listed.
Accessories include horizontal discharge, extended legs, Coated coils and even paneling, Polyester fin stock, Stainless steel tube and / or fin designs for corrosive atmospheres are higher pressure applications.
Standard 4/5 week shipments with expediting if required.