How Much Do You Really Know About Coils and Air Handlers?

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There are many different types of coils, fan coil units, air handlers and tube bundles.  Test your knowledge on these application questions.  NO PEAKING AT ANSWERS! 1. What’s the #1 reason for replacing steam distributing coils? Condensate corrosion Stress corrosion Freeze event Air temperature fluctuation 2. What’s the main difference between a double deck and a multizone air handler? Single … Read More

FAN COIL UNITS: Are EC Motors Worth the Investment?

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Air handling units that include single and double wall air handlers have had energy saving devises available for many decades.  First, there was the variable inlet vane which reduced air flow and power consumption during off peak conditions.  The latest way is to place a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) in the unit, which is more efficient than its predecessor, the … Read More