The Ins and Outs of Specifying Coil Construction

swcoil_superadminCoil Construction

There are many alternatives available in the specifying of coils and their construction, and it’s based on the specific requirements of each project. What might work on one project may not be applicable for another. When you consider projects with adverse temperature, pressures, and corrosive agents into the mix, the discussion needs to include what construction will yield the highest … Read More

Coil Selections Made Easy

swcoil_superadminCoil Replacement, Coil Selection

You think making coil selections are complicated now? As a young Sales Engineer in the 70’s, I used a slide rule to select coils. It took me 15 minutes to select just one chilled water coil 4 decades ago versus about a minute today. When I bought my first Texas Instrument Calculator, it assisted me in quadrupling my output. That … Read More