Central Station

Central Station Double Wall Air Handling Units

We have become the leader in replacing existing central station air handling units and it because our unit was designed for this special application. Units need to fit the existing pad and ship in sections that can fit into the tightest areas. We all know that new building designs gave very little thought about replacing these units in 15 or 20 years down the road. Many owners believe they need to live with these old antiquated designs and just refurbish them. Not so with a unit uniquely designed for this market.

Outdoor Central Station Unit

Here are the major benefits of a new unit versus rehabilitating the old unit:

  • New double wall 2" insulated housings versus single wall matted and torn insulation
  • Double wall sealed and latched access doors that will replace those old removable panels that are now taped onto the unit because the screws are stripped
  • Internal vibration isolation with 2" deflection springs and internally mounted motors
  • Hi efficiency motors versus standard duty, inefficient motors
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) that reduce operation expense by reducing air flow during non-peak periods
  • Energy efficient fan selection to include plenum and fan array arranglements
  • Stainless steel drain pans versus rusted out galvanized steel pans
  • Energy efficient, cleanable heating and cooling coils that will match the actual performance of the unit today versus the arbitrary design from 30 years ago
  • Space (if available) between components for ease in monitoring and servicing
  • Low leakage dampers for mixing of outside and return air versus leaky damper sets
  • high efficiency filters with lower air velocity versus the panel inefficient furnace filters
  • Monitoring windows and lights in almost any section along with GFI outlets for servicing
  • UV light mounted downstream of cooling coil to reduce bacteria growth from the dehumidifying process

Standard shipments:  8-12 weeks based on schedule at time of order 

Expedited shipments : 2 or 4 weeks based on availability of parts and equipment.


Indoor Central Station Unit