General Knowledge Test- Are You Up For It?



The Southwest Coil Newsletter has always been technical in nature.   Let’s take a break from business, politics and life’s distractions to see how informed you are about other topics in general.  The answers are listed below! 1. Which country produces the most coconuts in the world? Australia Thailand United States Philippines Jamaica 2. Who is Anna Kournikova? Novelist KGB Spy … Read More

Where’s My Air?

swcoil_superadminAir Flow, HVAC System

HVAC fans

Air flow in an HVAC system is very important to achieving the primary goal, which is comfort within a space.  Reducing the necessary quantity of air can create a lot of problems, and these problems happen frequently with today’s prepackaged equipment. The competitiveness in our industry pushes efficiency, thereby limiting the ability to have extra capacity in any fan selection. … Read More