Coil Replacement Specialist

HVAC equipment aimed at the replacement market requires much more than coils and units that can be delivered on time. It includes a myriad of items that are required to meet this specialty market. Here are the most important items that truly separate the men from the boys in this industry.

Equipment Diversity

We have all types of coils, fan coils and air handlers that meets most of this market. These units have been sized to meet typical dimensional requirements.


There are thousands of coil styles in service and hundreds of fan-coil and air handling unit arrangements as well. We have designed our coil and unitary lines to be able to replace these great numbers of special arrangements.

Shipping Sizes and Weights

Most coils and units need to be shipped and sized to meet the needs of replacement in very tight areas. We all know that original designs almost never gave a thought about replacement of components or in its entirety. We understand this dynamic and have this covered.
Booster Coil

Booster Coil


Condenser Coil

Let's Not Replace a Problem with Another Problem

Most coils and units need to be replaced simply because of systematic or application problems that have caused premature failures. It takes a specialist that can identify vibration, corrosion, sound and other problems and bring these to the attention of the owner or service person. Alternative construction or arrangements may help with the longevity of the new equipment.

Performance Issues

Owners have lived with equipment that have had performance issues for years and sometimes since the inception of the new equipment. Sometimes it can be problem with air or fluid flows below what was originally specified. There may be adverse delivery of fluid temperatures as well. Sometimes it can just be undersized equipment. It takes a specialist to understand these issues and size new equipment to overcome these problems.

Shipping, Delivery, and Communication

We have a great number of expedited schedules and industry low standard shipments. Many times, replacement requires a detail of shipping, expected delivery and having someone follow all of this along so that the owner and installer can form their schedules to remove and replace needed equipment. Many systems are replaced on weekends or at night and quality communications and dependability creates a path to a seamless replacement