Fan Coil Units


Vertical Fan Coil Unit

Direct Drive Horizontal & Vertical Fan Coil Units

Fan coil units have been utilized in the HVAC industry since the beginning of industry and is usually known as the least expensive design to cool and/or heat a designated area. Direct drive reduces belts and pulleys but reduces the external static pressure maximums. Typical applications are apartments and condos, hospital, schools, hotels and many other applications.

Many fan coil unit installations have inherent problems and they include lack of cooling or heating and air volume reductions and noise problems. We have the designs and engineering know-how to provide replacements to alleviate these problems

  • Horizontal units from 200 cfm to 2200 cfm
  • Vertical units – room type from 200 to 1500 cfm
  • Vertical utility closet type 200 to 2200 cfm
  • chilled water, dx cooling and steam or hot water heating
  • Grilles and many different return and supply arrangements
  • High static pressure horizontal models
  • Many different control options to include thermostats
  • Valve packages to include 2-way and 3-way arrangements.

Standard availability: 7-12 weeks based on schedule at time of order

Expedited schedule: 1, 2, 4 and 6 weeks based on availability


Horizontal Fan Coil Unit