Microchannel Coils


Microchannel Heavy Duty Coated

Microchannel technology has been adopted from other U.S. industries and used in HVAC condenser applications. It clearly saves energy by reducing the amount of refrigerant needed to meet a given tonnage. That is the positive. The negative aspect has been in longevity, especially with the higher R-410A pressures. Many systems have developed leaks in a very short timeframe due to pressure leaks or from corrosion from the all- aluminum construction.
  • We offer heavy duty design that can deal with the high pressures related to this systematic condition

  • Our Microchannel heat exchangers are coated to stop exterior corrosion.

  • Replacements for all types of straight tube condensers

Some end users may want to replace Microchannel and go back with the standard finned tube design. USA has the engineering capability to equalize the fin tube design and fit all of it into the area where the existing microchannel heat exchangers exist.