Why Do Coils Need to be Replaced Before the Unit Needs to be Replaced?

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rusty coil

This question is a complex question with many answers.  However, all of them fit one of three categories. These categories are, 1) inadequate coil design and/or construction, 2) adverse temperature/pressure and corrosion, and 3) inadequate maintenance.  All these reasons could be avoided if we lived in a ‘perfect” world.  Let’s examine each category a little closer. Inadequate coil design and/or … Read More

Understanding Coil Circuitry

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Think about this!  Finned-tube heat exchanger coils have no movable parts, yet they are the most misunderstood principal component in an HVAC system. That statement becomes true because a coil has a changing performance based on what’s fed on both the liquid and air side.  If you change the data that creates a rating on a coil, the coil’s output … Read More