EquipmentStandard ScheduleExpedited Schedules
Duct Booster Coils (Small Qty.) 5-7 WD3 or 5 WD
Duct Booster Coils (Large Qty.) 4-5 weeks3, 5, or 10 WD
New & Replacement Coils4-5 weeks 3, 5, or 10 WD
Industrial Coils (Carbon, SS, Alum.) 5 weeks10 WD *
Coating – FIN KOTE bake/dipped Add 2 weeks Add 7 WD
Replacement Tube Bundles 4 weeks10 WD
Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers4 weeks15WD *
Single wall coil sections w/ drain pans4-5 weeks10 WD *
Double wall coil sections w/ drain pans7-10 weeks4 weeks *
Direct Drive fan coil units7-12 weeks1, 2 and 4 weeks*
Belt Drive Air handlers7-12 weeks2 and 4 weeks *
Central Station double wall Air Handlers7-12 weeks2 and 4 weeks **
Fluid coolers/ Air cooled condensers4-5 weeks15 WD *

WD: Working days to ship
Standard Schedule: Varies based on lead time at time of order
*  Based on availability of materials
** Based on arrangement, availability of materials