Thomas Jacobs

Southwest Coil Reps is an extension of my entire business career that has been devoted to replacement coils, heat exchangers and air handling units. I personally know what it takes to solve problems in this specialty market.

Previous Experience

Started out in the early 1970’s and we became the first manufacturer in the United States to offer replacement coils for all HVAC equipment. Up until this time, an owner or contractor had to go back to the OEM for a new coil. That was costly, produced long equipment down times and frankly never solved some of the issues that caused premature coil failures. The idea was all about looking before you leap. It was ultra-important to understand the dynamics of the failure and provide the installer and owner with a better product that would ultimately have a longer life.

In the early 80’s, I started USA Coil & Air and it was entirely devoted to the replacement coil market. Later we manufactured direct drive fan coil units and then single and double wall central station units, air cooled condensers and fluid coolers. The products were aimed at the quick response, multi-dimensional requirements and retrofit engineering needed in the aftermarket of the HVAC industry.

In the mid 90’s, I patented the Sentry Guard burst resistant coil that revolutionized the water and steam coil replacement market. It was the first coil that would be able to withstand a freeze event and not have to be replaced. We have sold thousands and thousands of hot water, chilled water and steam heating coils with sentry guard design in systems that were prone to freeze events.

I have written over 200 topical white papers on the subjects surrounding these products and have had over 40 articles published in industry magazines and periodicals. You wont find anyone in our industry with a better understanding of this market.

The Road Ahead

Southwest Coil is all about quick response and service. It is an extension of my one and only company I represent which is USA Coil & Air. They are the national leader in this market and I will help bring to you locally the team concept that is required to meet the needs of the coil and air handler market.

Let's make this the Ultimate Coil & Air Handler Experience!