General Knowledge Test- Are You Up For It?



The Southwest Coil Newsletter has always been technical in nature.   Let’s take a break from business, politics and life’s distractions to see how informed you are about other topics in general.  The answers are listed below! 1. Which country produces the most coconuts in the world? Australia Thailand United States Philippines Jamaica 2. Who is Anna Kournikova? Novelist KGB Spy … Read More

How Much Do You Really Know About Coils and Air Handlers?

swcoil_superadminAir Handlers, Questions, Quiz

There are many different types of coils, fan coil units, air handlers and tube bundles.  Test your knowledge on these application questions.  NO PEAKING AT ANSWERS! 1. What’s the #1 reason for replacing steam distributing coils? Condensate corrosion Stress corrosion Freeze event Air temperature fluctuation 2. What’s the main difference between a double deck and a multizone air handler? Single … Read More

Test Your Condenser Coil Knowledge

swcoil_superadminCondenser Coils, Quiz

Condenser coils have a high number of fins per inch due to which of the factors listed below? a. Helps distribute the air across the tubes b. Drastically improves heat transfer c. Reduces cost d. Reduces air resistance Fins on any coil assist in the distribution of air across the tubes, so adding more fins doesn’t make much of a … Read More