DX Cooling Coil Split Circuitry – Why and How It Works

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A typical air conditioning system using refrigeration requires control at intermediate loads to properly function and operate through the entire load requirements from highest to lowest.  This is the reason why evaporator coils have two or more circuits  that match the unloading or compressor cycling on the condenser-compressor side of the system. For any AC system to work properly, the … Read More

Effects of Water Removal and Water Carryover in HVAC Coil Sections

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Southwest Coil has replaced thousands and thousands of chilled water and DX cooling coils over the last 4+ decades.  Many of these coils have literally fallen apart in their casings and support.  An  air handler process always includes  filtration, cooling, heating,  and the distribution of air to the space through a supply fan.  It is in the cooling coil area … Read More

Understanding Coil Circuitry

swcoil_superadminCoil Circuitry, DX Coils

Think about this!  Finned-tube heat exchanger coils have no movable parts, yet they are the most misunderstood principal component in an HVAC system. That statement becomes true because a coil has a changing performance based on what’s fed on both the liquid and air side.  If you change the data that creates a rating on a coil, the coil’s output … Read More