How to Achieve Coil Capacity

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A heat exchanger, and in the following example a finned tube coil, can only meet its intended performance capacity if the air side and fluid side parameters are “as specified”.  The specified parameters for all coils are selected to meet or exceed the intended capacity.  If the parameters are changed, the capacity will also change. How a coil works: Coils … Read More

Effects of Water Removal and Water Carryover in HVAC Coil Sections

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Southwest Coil has replaced thousands and thousands of chilled water and DX cooling coils over the last 4+ decades.  Many of these coils have literally fallen apart in their casings and support.  An  air handler process always includes  filtration, cooling, heating,  and the distribution of air to the space through a supply fan.  It is in the cooling coil area … Read More

HVAC Unit Dependability Shouldn’t Be a Joke!

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Microchannel and Finned tube

Question: “What’s relatively new in the HVAC industry that has many benefits but creates significant downtime that often cancels out the benefits?”  The answer is microchannel heat exchangers.  The efficiency of microchannel heat exchangers can’t be denied but constantly having to call the service technician because of leaks or heat exchanger plugging can get old very quickly. We all know … Read More