Coil Selections Made Easy

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You think making coil selections are complicated now? As a young Sales Engineer in the 70’s, I used a slide rule to select coils. It took me 15 minutes to select just one chilled water coil 4 decades ago versus about a minute today. When I bought my first Texas Instrument Calculator, it assisted me in quadrupling my output. That … Read More

Coil Material Selection – Do You Know Their Best Usage?

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There are thousands of different types of systems and applications for heat transfer coils. They range from simple commercial HVAC installations through highly corrosive industrial process applications. Over the years, we’ve noticed a high volume of misapplication of coils that reduces their life expectancy. Test your coil material selection knowledge by answering the questions below: 1. What system characteristic would … Read More

Understanding Condenser Coil Vibration

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There are many packaged HVAC unitary products that have condenser coils as an integral part of the unit’s design. They include: Indoor air-cooled, self-contained air handlers Outdoor air-cooled condensers Outdoor air-cooled condensing units Packaged outdoor rooftop air handlers All the above types of units have been staples in our industry for over 50 years. Air-cooled condenser coils are usually on … Read More

The Many Benefits of Replacing Indoor Central Station Units

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For years, owners have looked at dilapidated, rusted out air handling units in their mechanical rooms and thought, “If I could only get rid of this old unit and replace it with a newer, more sophisticated design.” This is possible, provided you stop listening to the usual pitch by those who tell you to rehabilitate the old unit. After rehabilitation, … Read More

Have Coil Questions? We Have Solutions!


We receive many verbal and written requests regarding fundamental coil problems with existing HVAC systems and industrial process systems. We also receive many requests on the specifying of coils for increased efficiency and longevity. The following are a few situations you may have experienced with some solutions that may save you future time and money. Raul – Service Technician – … Read More