FAN COIL UNITS: Are EC Motors Worth the Investment?

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Air handling units that include single and double wall air handlers have had energy saving devises available for many decades.  First, there was the variable inlet vane which reduced air flow and power consumption during off peak conditions.  The latest way is to place a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) in the unit, which is more efficient than its predecessor, the … Read More

Room Fan Coil Units: Questions – Questions – Questions

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Fan Coil units are one of the least expensive ways to heat or cool a space.  The design process usually requires many questions about the unit design and its accessories, and the questions that need to be answered are not always obvious.  Getting answers to the hidden questions can turn a mediocre design into a great design.  The following are … Read More

Coil and Air Handler Questions & Answers

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Southwest Coil receives many systematic and application questions every month.  Here are a few you might find interesting or may find to be familiar.  In the middle of summer, many of these problems can really determine an HVAC systems efficiency and reliability. We service a large community hospital. Each year our cooling in certain systems seems to be reduced, and … Read More

Why Add Construction Extras to a Replacement Coil Quote?

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There are many commercial and industrial applications that have different coil arrangements and construction.  Two parts of these applications remain constant.  1) Older coils will have heavier construction materials, and 2) Most HVAC coils were not constructed for all types of applications. Keen competition over the years has increased the need for energy efficiency.   Most HVAC unitary parts are now … Read More

Why Do We Replace So Many Coils?

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The Top Ten Reasons Coil replacement has been a part of the HVAC aftermarket for as long as finned tube coils have been used to create heat transfer. The coils installed in the 50’s and 60’s were heavier duty than today’s coils and were almost always spiral fin type with a tension wound fin onto copper tubes. The plate fin … Read More

When is it Time to Finally Replace a Coil?

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Replacing heat exchanger coils has been taking place since the beginning of the HVAC and processing and cooling era.  It’s now close to 90 years since the first finned tube heat exchangers appeared on the market in the early 1900’s. The coil has undergone drastic changes over the years – from spiral wound type through the plate fin coils that … Read More

Think You Know Air Handlers?

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Take Southwest Coil’s “quick quiz” and test your air handler knowledge. Match the lettered terms on the left with the numbered meanings on the right. This is fun, and you may learn some useful information about normal air handler terminology. NO PEEKING – Answers Below QUESTIONS: Tip of the day It’s important to know that Southwest Coil manufactures direct drive … Read More

Answers to Your Coil System Problems

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Periodically, we receive questions from our customers on coil system products. The following are a few answers to questions from the recent past that may prove helpful. We have a system in a local hospital with old vane-axial controllable pitch fans. These fans blow through a bank of chilled water coils. The system has always had water in the duct … Read More

Top 10 Reasons Hot Water Heating Coils Fail

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There are many reasons why hot water coils in your system can under-perform, and some are built in at the time of the design, and many can also occur after the coils have been installed. Here are my Top Ten. 10. Air stratification issues – This means the air flow across the surface of the coil is not being evenly … Read More