Where’s My Air?

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HVAC fans

Air flow in an HVAC system is very important to achieving the primary goal, which is comfort within a space.  Reducing the necessary quantity of air can create a lot of problems, and these problems happen frequently with today’s prepackaged equipment. The competitiveness in our industry pushes efficiency, thereby limiting the ability to have extra capacity in any fan selection. … Read More

What You Might Not Know About Coils & Air Handlers

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Steam Coil

With the daily hustle and bustle of business and all the new technologies, there are many aspects of equipment, applications and systems that may get overlooked or may not be completely understood.  They are important, so let’s look at a few of them. What type of coil needs to be replaced in less operating time on average than other types? … Read More

It’s the Coil Replacement Season

swcoil_superadminCoil Replacement

The “holiday season” may be over, but the “coil replacement season” is in full swing in many areas of the country.   Particular attention must be paid to the condition of your heating and cooling coils.  Heating coils that aren’t providing the needed BTUH capacity can become a huge problem in the dead of winter, while cooling coils and condenser coils … Read More

Why Do Coils Need to be Replaced Before the Unit Needs to be Replaced?

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rusty coil

This question is a complex question with many answers.  However, all of them fit one of three categories. These categories are, 1) inadequate coil design and/or construction, 2) adverse temperature/pressure and corrosion, and 3) inadequate maintenance.  All these reasons could be avoided if we lived in a ‘perfect” world.  Let’s examine each category a little closer. Inadequate coil design and/or … Read More

Understanding Coil Circuitry

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Think about this!  Finned-tube heat exchanger coils have no movable parts, yet they are the most misunderstood principal component in an HVAC system. That statement becomes true because a coil has a changing performance based on what’s fed on both the liquid and air side.  If you change the data that creates a rating on a coil, the coil’s output … Read More

There are Multiple HVAC Alternatives

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Central Station

There are many viable alternatives for HVAC equipment that are never discussed with the end users.  This is especially true with coils, fan coil units, and air handling units. We often receive questions about this equipment – especially from maintenance personnel.  When we bring up these great alternatives, they say no one has ever told them about their choices.  The … Read More

HVAC Unit Dependability Shouldn’t Be a Joke!

swcoil_superadminFinned Tube Coils, Microchannel

Microchannel and Finned tube

Question: “What’s relatively new in the HVAC industry that has many benefits but creates significant downtime that often cancels out the benefits?”  The answer is microchannel heat exchangers.  The efficiency of microchannel heat exchangers can’t be denied but constantly having to call the service technician because of leaks or heat exchanger plugging can get old very quickly. We all know … Read More

Can You Count On Coil Performance Expectations?

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The HVAC industry has many manufacturers of units that all have heating and/or cooling coils as an integral part of their package.  There are also many free-standing coils in large built up systems and some are mounted in duct runs from a central station unit.  What they all have in common is the presumption that all the coils will meet … Read More

Are Coils the Culprit Behind Decreased A/C Unit Cooling?

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Coil cleaning

Almost all packaged A/C or split system units do not have a service factor for extra capacity.  Even when new, these units may not yield the cooling BTUH capacity specified due to improper installation and/or incorrect load calculations at the inception of installation and startup.  Consequently, as the system gets older and parts become less efficient, the system may lower … Read More

How Much Do You Really Know About Coils and Air Handlers?

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There are many different types of coils, fan coil units, air handlers and tube bundles.  Test your knowledge on these application questions.  NO PEAKING AT ANSWERS! 1. What’s the #1 reason for replacing steam distributing coils? Condensate corrosion Stress corrosion Freeze event Air temperature fluctuation 2. What’s the main difference between a double deck and a multizone air handler? Single … Read More