Where’s My Air?

swcoil_superadminAir Flow, HVAC System

HVAC fans

Air flow in an HVAC system is very important to achieving the primary goal, which is comfort within a space.  Reducing the necessary quantity of air can create a lot of problems, and these problems happen frequently with today’s prepackaged equipment. The competitiveness in our industry pushes efficiency, thereby limiting the ability to have extra capacity in any fan selection. … Read More

Need to Add Cooling to an Existing HVAC System?

swcoil_superadminCooling, HVAC System

There are many existing systems that require the addition of cooling to a heating- only unit. Systems need to keep pace with changing requirements for spaces that include a mandatory requirement for cooling. Existing systems can already have cooling, but a booster will have to be placed into the system to add additional cooling. When cooling is added, it must … Read More