Coil Failures – Look Before You Leap!

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Dirty Coil

More than 85% of all coil failures occur prematurely. This means very few coils ever achieve the longevity that was originally intended. There’s always a rhyme and a reason for every coil failure, and most can be identified based on experience and coil application science. Let’s take a closer look at coil failures – noting which ones can be identified … Read More

Existing Fan Coil Problems in High Rise Apartments & Condos?

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There are many apartments and condos that have tremendous problems cooling a space. Many tenants/owners complain that during the peak cooling season they can’t cool large parts of their units.  There are two major reasons this happens in so many buildings, and it’s exasperated over the life cycle of operation. Undersized initial design Unit tonnage capability that’s very marginal for … Read More

Why Add Construction Extras to a Replacement Coil Quote?

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There are many commercial and industrial applications that have different coil arrangements and construction.  Two parts of these applications remain constant.  1) Older coils will have heavier construction materials, and 2) Most HVAC coils were not constructed for all types of applications. Keen competition over the years has increased the need for energy efficiency.   Most HVAC unitary parts are now … Read More

Coil Material Selection – Do You Know Their Best Usage?

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There are thousands of different types of systems and applications for heat transfer coils. They range from simple commercial HVAC installations through highly corrosive industrial process applications. Over the years, we’ve noticed a high volume of misapplication of coils that reduces their life expectancy. Test your coil material selection knowledge by answering the questions below: 1. What system characteristic would … Read More