How to Achieve Coil Capacity

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A heat exchanger, and in the following example a finned tube coil, can only meet its intended performance capacity if the air side and fluid side parameters are “as specified”.  The specified parameters for all coils are selected to meet or exceed the intended capacity.  If the parameters are changed, the capacity will also change. How a coil works: Coils … Read More

Why Large Tube Diameters Work Better With Steam Coil Heating

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Steam Coil

America has been using steam heating for 120 years.  Much of today’s technology gains have been based on problem solving of inefficient systems and providing coil heat exchangers that improve both capacity and longevity.  I have personally seen many systems that never had a chance to work properly – due to use of an improper coil for the application or … Read More

Can You Count On Coil Performance Expectations?

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The HVAC industry has many manufacturers of units that all have heating and/or cooling coils as an integral part of their package.  There are also many free-standing coils in large built up systems and some are mounted in duct runs from a central station unit.  What they all have in common is the presumption that all the coils will meet … Read More

The Ins and Outs of Specifying Coil Construction

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There are many alternatives available in the specifying of coils and their construction, and it’s based on the specific requirements of each project. What might work on one project may not be applicable for another. When you consider projects with adverse temperature, pressures, and corrosive agents into the mix, the discussion needs to include what construction will yield the highest … Read More